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What is "DogGo" ?

DogGo is a mobile rhythm game that challenges players' sense of rhythm by detecting their footsteps to the beat.

Successfully doing so will grow up the player's virtual dog companion — the more and consecutively you walk through days, the happier and healthier your dog will be.



“Our primary goal is to encourage players to develop a long-term walking habit by incorporating the allure of music and a dog companion into their daily walks."


"The game is deeply connected to the movement of walking, which can be short, medium, and long walks with low, medium, and high intensity."

User Group

“Our target users are younger people (aged 14 to 25). However, the app is also suitable for the middle-aged, especially those who like music and want to form a healthy walking habit.”

How to Play


1. Sign up and choose your dog.


2. Check daily challenges, and start playing.


3. Pick a song and play. Put your phone in pocket!


4. Walk as the music tempo.

Quit the game if you like.


5. See your game performance, as well as gain experience and coins.

6. Use the coins you have earned to buy your lovely doggo an accessory! 



Walking + Music + Dog

Our app is unique in the combination of walking, music, and dogs. Want to keep your dog healthy and happy? Pick a song and walk as the music tempo as much as possible! Try to walk a few times a week, otherwise, your dog will feel left out.

song list.png

Reward System

Raise your own dog as you take walks in game and complete daily challenges. The more steps on the beat and the more challenges you achieve, the more experience and coins you gain.



Do you know what else you can do to make your dog happier in addition to walking? Customize it! Purchase cosmetics in the shop with coins you earned from playing games and completing challenges!

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